FAIN - Future Active IP Networks

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Milestones & Expected Results

The project will develop a novel active node and network architecture. It will provide interoperable active network solution for flexible and secure service provision in IP networks and a programmable solution for flexible management provision in active networks. Further deliverables include distributed solutions for dynamic programming of service and management functions.

The project will disseminate the project results both within the IST community and to the appropriate industrial fora and standard bodies e.g. IETF, OMG, TMF, and IEEE. The project will evaluate the advantage and limitation of active IP networks against existing IP networks. Based on the evaluation and measurement results, recommendations will be made to provide insights into the strength and weakness of active networks in wide deployment. It will provide recommendations and guidelines for the development and wide-deployment of active network systems in an open service market, which is continuously evolving both in terms of market players and underlying network technologies.

The project aspires to realise a foundation for building active network-based solutions including new network services, management paradigms, and intelligent network elements. Specifically the results are: a flexible and generic active network architecture validated through case studies and trials; open, interoperable environments for secured service provisioning; prototypes of active nodes; a Pan-European testbed serving further R&D in related areas such as service creation and active networking.

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